About CreatingSalesFunnel.com

We are covering the following topics in regards to Sales Funnels:

  • What is a Sales Funnel?
  • How to Create a Sales Funnel and Use It?
  • Who Should be using a Sales Funnel?
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on Sales Funnel Marketing
  • Latest News and Updates of Marketing Funnel Companies

CreatingSalesFunnel.com is a new Internet Marketing Project by Max Yeo. Created to teach marketers who are interested in creating Sales Funnel for their businesses.

Especially if you plan to advertise online using social network like Facebook, Instagram, Google, YouTube, etc. You need a Sales Funnel for best use of your marketing budget.

We are an affiliate for the following funnel marketing products based on the merits that we believe in them at the point of creating this content:

  1. Best Funnel Education Company: Click Funnels
  2. Most Comprehensive Marketing Software Suite: Kartra
  3. Most Value-for-Money due to current Life-Time Offer Marketing Funnel Suite: Groove Funnels

Any links that we send you to could also be affiliate links, but rest assured that we will only promote what we think is the best as we put our reputation and credibility on the line recommending it.

For example, we have also affiliated with GetResponse whose main business is Email Marketing AutoResponder, but they have expanded their business to the marketing funnels industry too.

We have decided to create this website as a blog entirely on WordPress as most funnel companies are solely focusing on building pages only. GrooveBlog would be out soon. Well till then, we are sticking with WP so as not to show any favoritism.

Thanks for checking us out. To Your Marketing Success.

P.S. Based on the reasons above, you would know which funnel companies did we joined and which one we would recommend based on your needs.