Groove Digital Latest Development Groovion Jun 2021

Groovion 11 Jun 2021

Groovion Highlights

  • Groove Rebranded as (Customer Matters)
  • Multiple Groove Apps User Interface Updates
  • Price Increase Soon

0:00 – INTRO
3:39 – The 2 Years So Far with GrooveDigital
31:40 – GrooveKon and The Marketers Cruise
34:43 – Groove Mobile IPhone and Android App
39:22 – Groove Dash and UI ( The New Brand)
55:50 – Admin Settings (Domain and Publishing)
57:16 – GrooveAds
1:00:00 – GroovePages
1:06:00 – GrooveMember
1:09:56 – Updates to GroovePages
1:30:33 – Updates to GrooveSell
1:42:45 – Updates to Groove MarketPlace
1:45:14 – Updates to Integrations
1:46:40 – Updates to GrooveMail
2:00:24 – Updates to GrooveWebinar
2:18:23 – Updates to GrooveMember
2:25:45 – Updates to GrooveBlog, GrooveKart, and GroovePay
2:26:36 – Planned Apps
2:30:43 – Marketing Updates
2:32:55 – Groove End of Year Draft Plans
2:42:48 – Price Increase
2:49:43 – Some Things Affiliates Should Start Preparing For
2:56:24 – Comments and Some Questions
3:01:30 – OUTRO

Groovion 19 Feb 2021

Groovion Highlights

  • Groove to be rebranded as Groove CM.
  • Changed Pricing Model with the all monthly payments removed except for 1 with a price increase at $497 x 5 while one time payment still remains at $1397.
  • New User Interface for GroovePages
  • New Partner
  • Groove FitClass
  • Groove Marketers Cruise where you eat, sleep, breath, and network 24/7 with Marketers onboard for 8 days and nights.

If You like to take a closer look at the MindMap, check it out here:

The Groove Development Story So Far in 2021…

07 Jan 2021: Custom Domains for Checkouts, Affiliate Links and Tracking Links – Released!

15 Feb 2021: GrooveBlog is out, but can’t be used on your own domain yet and it is but the basics are working.

26 Feb 2021: Checkout Builder. Should be out soon

15 Mar 2021: Improved Publishing For GroovePages™ Page Builder and SSLs – This has been implemented, but comes with some bugs as there would be 4 versions of your domain: https://, https://www, HTTP:// and http://www. Personally, I find this bug much better than some guys who built and sell ClickFunnels to people for an exorbitant price without funnel-building skills – so bad that without www or “a Nuclear Launch Code” would just simply link back to ClickFunnels instead.

15 Mar 2021: GroovePages Marketplace for Users to Sell their Own Pafes, Funnels and Website Designs.

30 Apr 2021: GCPR Compliance

30 Apr 2021: GrooveWebinars Automated. The first of the series to come before Live Webinars and Streaming.

01 May 2021: GrooveMail, after being abused by Spammers, GrooveMail has to be reestablished. There would also be a separation between Paid and Free members to protect the Paid Members.

15 May 2021: GrooveFunnelMapping. If you like Funnelytics, You would like this.

15 May 2021: Groove Mobile App

17 May 2021: Email List Import Into GrooveMail

30 May 2021: GrooveDesk – The Helpdesk Suite that is designed to Support, Engage and Delight Your Customers with Ticket Management, Live Chat and More.

15 Jun 2021: Affiliate Wallet – More Ways to Getting Paid

We just cover for the next 3 months. For more details, Check out the Development Pipeline here:

Past Groovion 25 Nov 2020

Past Groovion 04 Sep 2020

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