How to Create a Sales Funnel in 30 Days Without Being a Coder, Designer, or Programmer

Before We Move On… Are You…

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Interested in Building A Compelling Sales Funnel? Regardless of Which Funnel Company to Get Your Visitors to Take The Action You Want Them To Take?

From Max Yeo,

So You Might Be Wondering… What’s A Sales Funnel?

Is it a “Squeeze Page” or “Landing Page”?

Close, But I should let the Man behind The Most Popular Website And Sales Funnel Builder for Entrepreneurs, ClickFunnels CEO, Mr Russell Brunson, Explains it to You…

So basically, a Sales Funnel is designed to Focus on Getting a Lead For Followup and Eventually Making a Sale. When you have a visitor on a funnel page, they can either close the page or proceed with the sales process, nothing else to distract the visitor from the page’s intended purpose of making the conversion (Lead or Sales).

“ClickFunnels? It’s Too Expensive…!?”

I know that $97 per month can be too expensive for someone… But What Are You Comparing it to? If You are in Sales, how much is That One Additional Sale for you? How much is that Worth? With the Software, do You Believe You Can Make More Sales? 

BUT the ClickFunnels software is Not even The Topic We Are Talking About Here! We are here to learn how to build a Sales Funnel from the ClickFunnels People – the Funnel Hackers.

ELSE if You are looking For a Completely Free Funnel to Try Out Without a Limited Time Trial and No Credit Card Requirement? Try This:

Moving on, we decided to go neutral here, creating this page with WordPress showing you the endless possibilities as there are plenty of funnel companies around.

Essentially, you need to learn how to create a Sales Funnel strategically first before going into the technical part in software which is usually straightforward in most software. And of course, It’s would have been much faster and easier if we are using an actual funnel software to create this page 😀

Learn From The Best – How To Create A Compelling Funnel And You Can Apply the Skills with any Funnel Software Company You Like. 

Introducing You…

The One Funnel Away Challenge

This is the best course we know, to learn how to create a funnel. And we have been so inspired by it that we will bribe you to join us on this journey, should you choose to accept it – Many people will recommend you to it, but not many are serious enough to offer you a set of bonus to help you get to the next level of your sales and marketing.

Here’s What You Gonna Get As Our Affiliate Bonus

  1. Our Completed Missions For The Old One Funnel Away (Value: $37)
    Sorry that we haven’t got around to attend the new version :p
  2. *3 Months of WordPress Hosting On Us (Value: $129)
  3. *Lifetime Graphics Software Suite (Value: $67)
  4. Secret Bonus To Help You Complete Your Mission & Save You Some Money… (Value: You Decide)

*Offer only valid if you do not refund the product and the values stated would be the actual price we would be selling bonus at.

Our Missions

BONUS #1: Our Completed Daily Missions For One Funnel Away Challenge.

Unlikely that your missions will differ from ours, so our completed missions “homework” would definitely help you prepare for your’s better and position yourself to be always ahead of time.

BONUS #2: Groove Platform Transitions

  1. One of the biggest problems faced by new ClickFunnels Users is the monthly recurring cost of $97 to use the Platform.
  2. CF Users will also have to pay for other marketing platforms like Video Hosting, Email AutoResponders, Blogs, Webinar Software, which drive up their monthly costs even further.
  3. Thus we came up with this bonus to get the best of both worlds – Strategies from ClickFunnels and Technologies from Groove.
  4. In case You are unaware, Groove is an All-In-One Marketing Software Company and the free version is fully functional as the paid version, just limited in quantities.
  5. With Groove, You can start Creating Your Sales Funnels, Your Blog, Your Membership Site, have your video hosting, email marketing, and many more (Still in development)
Lifetime Graphics Software Suite

BONUS #3: Lifetime Graphics Software Suite To Help You Fulfil Most Graphics Designs Needs.

  1. Landing Page Builder
  2. Graphics Designer
  3. Logo Creator
  4. eCover Creator
  5. Mockup Creator
  6. Scene Creator
  7. eBook Creator
  8. Video to GIF Creator
  9. High Resulotion Images with Transparent Backgrounds to blend into your Presentations.
  10. Stock Library with Millions of Images, Vectors, HD Videos, Audio Tracks, Video Backgrounds and Animated Graphics.

All the graphics in this bonus section are made with the suite except for our rainbow funnel logo.


Let’s just say we work harder for our affiliate commissions than most affiliates out there.

Helping you and your business to the next level while maximizing your experience and conserving your resources, especially in terms of Time & Money.

Copywriting Script

End of Bonus!? Do you think that we should have included a “Done-For-You” Funnel? Well, we could… Along with some bells and whistles. But that’s not what you would need right now as you are only required to sign up for your ClickFunnels Software in Week 3 of OFA (Check our OFA Homework on what bonuses we have for you, if you would be signing up ClickFunnels with us. In the meantime, let’s refocus on OFA)

Don’t wait for another week…

Here’s A Bonus Recap Of
When You Accept The Challenge Today!

No Thanks. I will find other means and ways for my Sales Funnel Success!

P.S. Russell Brunson is offering you even more bonuses on his side ?
The last point to note is that there seems to be an Asian VISA Credit Card issue with ClickFunnels, you might want to use a Mastercard instead.

Disclosure: We are an independent ClickFunnels Affiliate, not an employee. We receive referral payments from ClickFunnels. The opinions expressed here are our own and are not official statements of ClickFunnels or its parent company, Etison LLC.