Russell Brunson Quits ClickFunnels CEO

And The One to replace our beloved Russell Brunson is none other than his trustee Dave Woodward who has been with ClickFunnels since 2015. Dave was ClickFunnels Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) as well as Chief Business Development Officer before rising to the CEO position.

What’s Next for Russell Brunson then?

Russell is still with ClickFunnels, a relief for all Russell’s fans, us included. We believed he has taken Tony Robbins’ advice to be the Chairman instead. More importantly for us, Russell will be back, fully focused, on what he loves to do most – Educating and Designing Sales Funnels.

As Russell mentioned in his video description: ClickFunnels was built with you…the entrepreneur, the business owner, the course creator, the speaker, the expert… in mind. Because we know that you need just 2 things to ramp your business FAST:

  1. Collect Leads
  2. Generate Sales.

And that’s exactly what ClickFunnels helps you do best. Pure and simple.

And that’s what we believe he will be focusing on, How to

  • Attract Quality Leads at where the Prospects are hanging out.
  • Building Compelling Funnels and Your Customer Mailing List.
  • Converting Leads to Sales, Closing High Tickets.

And most likely, Creating more 2 Comma Club Winners, getting more funnel hackers qualified and able to join his mastermind.

CEO sounds Super Impressive…

Many may wonder why Russell, the owner, would make such a decision to step down from the CEO position, and it was not even his co-founder, Todd Dickerson who step up as the CEO.

If you are like us, K-Drama Fans, you might be interested in the Drama Startup considering that you are here on this blog as you are most likely getting your own business up and running. In one of the episodes, the 3 founders of a tech company were struggling to give up the title of CEO to an outsider played by actress Suzy Bae, who has no knowledge of coding at all, which cement the point that a CEO role could be very different with what a Company does.

As Russell mentioned in his video, Everything Changed and Nothing Changed. The responsibilities and functions of a company’s roles and operations remain unchanged as someone needs to get that job done. In another word, they just switched their titles so that they can be more focused on their roles and their staff will have a better idea of who to approach on what matters.

ClickFunnels and Apple…

We felt that ClickFunnels has been modeling Apple for years and such a move reminded us of the time where Steve Jobs himself persuaded John Sculley with the famous line: “Do You Want to Sell Sugar Water for the Rest of Your Life? Or Do You Want to Come with Me and Change the World?”. At that time, most likely even Steve Jobs himself believed that John would make a better CEO with his marketing skills for Pepsi.

The good thing about ClickFunnels is that it is one of the fastest-growing non-VC-backed companies in the world so nobody is going to fire Russell. But then again, Steve Jobs said that getting fired from Apple was the best thing that could have ever happened to him…

Only Time Will Tell…

With such a big move, it will be very interesting in the coming months to look at the Funnels Marketing War between ClickFunnels and GrooveDigital again as Groove will be ending their lifetime deals promotion and start charging monthly and yearly. Wishing You to Get the Best Value for your Money =)

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