New Lifetime Sales Funnel Software – InfluencerSoft

“All The Tools an Influencer Need to Launch, Market, and Sell Products and Services Online. From Branding to Creating Content to Online Automation”

InfluencerSoft Quickview

InfluencerSoft Development

Version 1 Strategy > Branding > Content > Automation

  1. Visual Funnels Builder
  2. Visual Email Builder
  3. Website Builder
  4. Online Course Builder
  5. eCommerce CRM Reporting
  6. Affiliate Portal Data Tracking
  7. Viral Referral Generator
  8. Automated Webinars

Version 2 Strategy > Branding > Content > Automation

  1. Niche Finder – What’s Your Niche? What’s Trending?
  2. Offer Creator – Creating Your Offer: Product? Service? Price?
  3. Messaging Creator – Copywriting, Creating Compelling Messages to Get People to Want Your Offer from Ads to Salespage.
  4. Find Your Targeting – Who to Sell to? Demographics to Target?
  5. Brand Deck Builder – Logos, Fonts, Colors, Images, Icons, Patterns, Merchandise, etc.
  6. Paid and Custom Templates – “Done For You” Package available if You rather let Someone else Do the Job for You.
  7. ChatBot Builder
  8. Paid Ads Builder
  9. Paid Ads Scheduler
  10. Calendar Booking
  11. Social Media Content Creator – Creating the Stories
  12. Social Media Scheduler – Platforms to Market to: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok and more. Date and Time to Send

Become an Influencer today with InfluencerSoft. Version 3 Coming Soon.

“But I Already Got Groove Funnels Lifetime…”

Guess What? We do too. But we choose to have a Backup Funnel Software in case we have to restart all over again. And besides, nobody can predict the future, which funnels company will thrive, which feature will you enjoy most or which will give you a headache?

No other Funnel Software Company can beat Groove Pricing at this moment especially with the long list of promises. And it’s Freemium Model is a strong enough reason for anyone to try it. If you still don’t know what’s Groove? Click here to find out more about Groove.

We are always keeping track of the Development of Groove too. And seems like at the time of creating this blog post, Groove’s very own SSL and Blog have been delayed and pushed to March and Feb respectively… 🙁

And here’s what one of the top Clickfunnels Super Affiliate, Peng Joon has to say about Groove Funnels:

While maybe not a million in sales yet, there are people making money using Groove already. At the same time, there are also people complaining that they can’t even get a single page to appear properly especially in the different views (PC, Laptop, Tablet, and Mobile). It’s all down to the individual’s skill set and business model.

Should I Give InfluencerSoft a Try?

Eventually, InfluencerSoft will also cost $97 per month too. So, get in early to take advantage of the limited-time lifetime offer.

Still not convinced? How about a 14-Days $1 Trial before Committing to it?

Yup. Not Convinced, But Let’s Try It Out

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